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Hi guys,
Sorry if this post is a nuisance, I am currently in CoderAcademy so far I have learnt CSS, Ruby, HTML, and now I am currently doing RAILS… Based on what I have heard rails is “Easy”, but at the moment I seem to be struggling to keep up with my class. I have gone through my lectures from the past week at least 2-3 times, each video is like 5-6 hours long… It just doesnt seem to click the way Ruby does. I do not mess around, practically spent my entire weekend studying. I am currently 2 lectures behind, as I spent too much time back tracking, I am concerned that I just “don’t have what it takes”, as I still have javascript, nodejs and some other stuff ahead… In short I would really like some advice on this… I really want this career path, but definitely cant stay unemployed long after I finish the course… I feel like me not getting certain aspects will be a hindrance when it comes to searching for jobs in the future.
Thank you in advance.

what are you building?

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