Learn to create a Virtual Assistant

Hi all.

Im trying to create a web app that based on user input it returns
answers predefined in my code. For example:

Website can have predefined answers or customer can type their own

Website => "What shirt size are you?
Customer => “10”
Website => "What shirt colour do you like?
Customer => “Pink”
Website displays a link to a beautiful pink shit with size 10.

Basically the app will operate like “Siri” but without a voice. I want
to create a virtual assistant that return answers based on user input.

Is there a book I can read to learn such technique?

What you’re asking for is simple enough to create from a programming
point of view. I’d recommend any books which cover Object Oriented
Programming, since a basis in OOP will help you write something like
this in neat re-usable code.

As for expanding this into something like Siri, the only way to do that
is hard work and learning from your mistakes. It’s easy to make a
question and answer program, but hard to make it as flexible as Siri.

Break your objective down into small steps. For example:

  1. Get User Input
  2. Interpret User Input
  3. Store Persistent Data
  4. Respond to User
  5. Request Further Input or Exit

I’d also recommend not linking your user to a pink shit when they wanted
a pink shirt, even if it is a beautiful one. Attention to detail is
important :wink:

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