Hi all.,

Am New to Rails.,

Can Anyone help me how to set up a LDAP server for Rails

Just i want to authenticate a username and password via LDAP server.,

I dont have Clear idea about how to download an openldap server and
configure it.,

Please tell me in detail , how to setup the server and how can i run
my application via LDAP ( how to authenticate it.,

Please help me guys.,


OpenLDAP is a pretty well documented project, they have complete docs
for installing and configuring an OpenLDAP server.

Using google I found these links to get you started:

Then I looked for a ldap basics guide:
(Even tho there is some iSeries references in the IBM article, it will
cover the basics of LDAP, enough to get you started)

Then look at the Rails Wiki

I hope I have been helpful. I don’t believe you’ll find much help form
others tho, just get the documentation and read it all. We all had to
read the docs. If you get stuck with a problem, then ask. :slight_smile: