Ldap.modify error

I know this isn’t the best place for this question but I’ve tried the
appropriate forum with no luck.

If any one is familiar with the net-ldap library please keep reading.

I am trying and failing to delete a value from an attribute in AD. When
pass ldap.modify the :delete operand it throws up. After looking at the
source code I am lead to believe this is because I have given an invalid
opcode. However :delete is documented as being valid. The doc actually
implies that ldap.delete_attribute gives the same functionality but that
isn’t the case.

Here is the line of code that is puking:

ldap.modify(:dn =>
“cn=TestAccount,ou=CADUsers,ou=CADLab,dc=techno,dc=tvinet”, :operations
[:delete, :memberof,

This is the error that is being thrown:

undefined method ‘to_ber_enumerated’ for nil:NilClass

Any and all help is appreciated.


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