LDAP gems: paged search with net-ldap


client: Ruby Gem net-ldap
Server: eDirectory v8.8.6

Net-ldap uses paged search and here are the eDirectory messages:
iterCountEntries: ispositionable returned FALSE
after the 126th entry (MaxPageSize=126 harcoded in net-ldap) the
search is aborted:
invalid paged result control syntax.
Net-ldap displays the error message: protocol error.

If paged search is disable in net-ldap, it works just fine, all search
entries are delivered.

I use net-ldap because it was downloaded on most.
Any idea why this happen? Is net-ldap gem still maintained?
If not, is there other better maintained ldap gems?
Or maybe LDAP gems just don’t need maintenance or people just don’t use
ldap anymore? Thanks in advance for any clarification.


Hi Adam,

I haven’t used net-ldap gem (I’ve always just used ruby-net-ldap gem for
past several yrs for various projects), but … Here’s a link to the
specific note in the current src regarding that setting:



I knew it, thats why I disabled the paged search in the code of
but still don’t understand why paged search in the code failed. What
the problem.


Am Montag, 1. Oktober 2012 19:45:38 UTC+2 schrieb Jeff L.: