I’ve been having a problem. I have an application layout and a users
controller. All the methods, but forgot_password, must use the
layout. So, I added below the class declaration the following line:

class UsersController < ApplicationController
layout ‘login’, :only => [:forgot_password]

The problem is: if I write down that layout line, all methods but
forgot_password will have no layout. I cannot use render :layout =>
‘forgot_password’ into the forgot_password method because it already has
render call. I tried the following code it also didn’t work.

class UsersController < ApplicationController
layout ‘login’, :only => [:forgot_password]
layout ‘application’, :except => [:forgot_password]

Does anybody have any suggestion to apply the login layout to the
forgot_password method and the application to the other ones? Thanks in

Rodrigo F.
Web D.


I think you need to move the layout statement into
the :forgot_password method. all the other methods will then use

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