I just launched based on Radiant 0.6 RC1 (Mental).
The name kinda says it all. I’ve tried to keep things as simple as
possible, and I’ve started out with just the bare minimum of cruft.

It’s hosted ad (the $5 plan). I am by no means a
Rails or Radiant dev (yet), but I didin’t have any serious trouble
getting things set up. I really, really like Radiant!

I decided against Mephisto because it felt like it was doing stuff I
didn’t understand, even though some of that stuff was really cool.

I asked a few questions here about adding categories/tags, comments,
and attachments/media repository. Those things are great to have, if
they are implemented in a clean and simple manner. I decided I didn’t
really need them to start out with, so here it is . . .

Thanks to all the devs, and people who answered questions. Thanks
also to the people who have documented getting things running, bot on
the Site5 forums, and on the Radiant site.

Martin O.
[email protected]