[launch!] alonetone, a damn fine home for musicians

I just tenderly launched a rails website targeting musicians,
especially of the DIY/bedroom variety, who are looking for a good
online home.

Take a peek! If you know any musicians who record on their own, please
pass the word on. Those are the people we want to help out and have
sign up with us.

So far, musicians can upload their tracks (mp3/zip), create playlists,
get dynamically generated flash mp3 players, submit a feed to itunes,
and track who is listening to their tracks.

The big sell point for us is that it has nothing to do with money. No
advertisements on the pages. No company. Just a little website that
serves the interest of the musicians. As a musician, this feels good
to me. I found it a little screwed up that 99% of musician-targeted
sites out there are making good money while the musicians sit there
and go nowhere fast!