Latest USRP Schematics / Layout


Hello Everyone,

We purchased a USRP some time ago, and have been using it fairly
frequently to troubleshoot some wireless transmission products and
protocols as we develop them.

It works great. Fantastic, Actually.

What we want to do is build some test boxes that have an embedded SBC, a
USRP and the correct daughterboards for our situation. Nice portable
‘device’ with no cables - all inside the box.

I would like to take the schematics and re-layout the USRP to include
the daughterboards that we use…all on one PCB.

Could anyone point me to what really is the latest (current production)
USRP schematics? The (again CURRENT) Layout in either PCB, PADS or even
raw Gerber would be really helpful as well - as I can use it as a
reference for my new layout. Just being able to see where ground planes
are placed would, I’m sure, be really helpful - seeing as a lot of this
is high-speed.

I’ve looked through SVN, but honestly, there are just so many different
places where the schematics and layouts exist - I just want to be sure I
really am using the latest ones.


Ben Bawkon