Latest trunk on my new dual-core machine

I have a new machine, based on a Pentium D 940 at 3.2Ghz with 1GB of
533Mhz DDR2. I installed the x86_64 FC6 distribution
on it, and then Gnu Radio and its dependencies.

I ran into small problems with my gr-radio-astronomy applications, that
were easy to fix. It turns out that Numeric.zeros() is
now fussy about type correctness in the “number of elements” argument.

Also, in two places, I inadvertently used a “C” idiom:

d *= 0.1

Which caused no problem previously, but caused Python to barf in the new
FC6 environment. I replaced it with:

d = d * 0.1

The new machine is working out quite well. I can process a full 8Mhz of
bandwidth, doing both spectral and Continuum
modes. I was able to double the FFT length, as well as double the FFT
rate, which should make my spectral analysis
more sensitive.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 01:26:31PM -0400, Marcus L. wrote:

d *= 0.1
more sensitive.
Thanks for the report!