Latest Edge Build Breaks Functional Tests

Hi all,

I’m running edge rails, and didn’t update for a day or two. Then I just
updated today (revision 6088) and now my functional tests are all
breaking. The problem seems to arise anytime I use get with a session
variable, such as

get :login, {}, {:login_id => 1}

The session info does not seem to be used at all. Has the get method
been changed for functional tests? Any help would be greatly


I had a similar problem yesterday that ended up being [afaik] a stricter
version of RESTful routing. I was testing that put :update [with no id]
redirected to the index but now it fails. You might want to see if the
you’ve set up routes might be looking for an id that isn’t given. I also
the same problem with :destroy .


Confirmed that it was a bug introduced by a patch. Here is the ticket:

I seem to be having the same problem with 1.2.2

Can anyone confirm that this bug was introduced into Rails 1.2.2? I
think I’m encountering it with the 1.2.2 Gem, but I want to be certain
that I’m not overlooking a different problem.