Laser and infrared

can USRP be useful in a laser related R&D Project , in its vanilla form
with a commercial/free additional board ? how about on Infrared ? its
appreciated if any of you guys can point me to possible existing works
these two subjects based on USRP/GNU Radio

I’m currently using GNU Radio for an application in Visible Light
Communication, which has similarities to IR. Since both are IM/DD, I
use the LFTX and LFRX daughter cards with USRP2’s and I’ve been working
on implementing some baseband modulation techniques. I was also able
to test with some of the modulation schemes implemented in GNURadio
using low frequency carriers ( < 10MHz ) and it has been working pretty

Basically, I’m using the USRP as a low cost A/D and D/A.

Michael R.
Graduate Research Assistant
Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center
Boston University
[email protected]

Quoting Mohammad H. [email protected]:

We’re using the USRP+GNURadio to do passband modulation of a LED and/or
laser. We run the signal from the Basic-TX daughterboard into an amp and
bias-t and then into the laser. At the receiver we take the output
into the Basic-RX board. Works pretty well.