Large reach of marketing campaign due to Short-code sms

Short-code Services []:
A SMS short code is a 5 digit number, provided by mobile network
operators, on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the
mobile operators. SMS Short codes are provided to independent
companies and all incoming SMS are forwarded to the servers of these
service providers.


Used by advertising agencies, media companies, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies, for campaigns, contests etc.

For lead generation, if backed by a campaign in print or electronic media. Advertising agencies prefer to use it as the response to their advertising campaign is measurable on parameters like numbers, time, effectiveness etc.


Short codes [] have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easy to remember.
Combined with pull sms, marketing campaign can be automated, personalized and analyzed.
Large reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration.

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