Large file upload

I’ve used attachment_fu with great success, but now I am working on a
project that requires an administrative user to upload very large files.
Anywhere from 200 MB to 1 gig…maybe even more (video files).

At this point it is not saving correctly and it is super slow.

Is there a better way to do this? Is this just a really bad idea?
Should I just have them upload it through ftp?

would love to hear some opinions.

Great question. I too would like to know a good way to handle this.

Is there an existing flash component (or java applet) that could be
on a web page to do the uploading (ftp re http) …and show a nice
percent complete status?

You wouldn’t want the upload to quit at half of the 200 MB because the
user accidentally did a browser “back”, so any tool would have to have
some javascript to help stop from moving from that page.


Talk about timing, I just stumbled onto an article in “Web Designer”
Magazine (from the UK) issue 139, page 44 where Simon Bailey has a
tutorial on creating a Flex based Flash File Upload tool. It has
features like percent complete and file size limits for uploading.


if that large file thing is still a question, have a look here: