Kwalify 0.7.2 - parser, schema validator, and data binding for YAML and JSON


I released Kwalify 0.7.2. This is a bug fix release.


Kwalify is an integrated tool for YAML and JSON.
Kwalify contains parser, schema validator, and data binding tool.

See User’s Guide for details.


Schema example (schema.yaml):

type: seq
  - type: map
    class: Member
     "name":   { type: str, required: true }
     "gender": { type: str, required: true, enum: [M, F] }
     "role":   { type: str, required: false }

YAML data example (data.yaml):

- name:   Haruhi Suzumiya
  gender: F
  role:   Leader of SOS Brigade
- name:   Mikuru Asahina
  gender: W
  role:   Time Traveler
- namae:  Yuki Nagato
  gender: F
  role:   Humanoid Interface

Schema validation example:

$ kwalify -lf sos.schema INVALID
  - (line 5) [/1/gender] 'W': invalid gender value.
  - (line 7) [/2] key 'name:' is required.
  - (line 7) [/2/namae] key 'namae:' is undefined.

Class generation example:

$ kwalify -a genclass-java -f schema.yaml
generating ./
$ cat ./
// generated by kwalify from schema.yaml

import java.util.*;

public class Member {

    private String _name;
    private String _gender;
    private String _role;

    public Member() {}

    public Member(Map map) {
        _name         = (String)map.get("name");
        _gender       = (String)map.get("gender");
        _role         = (String)map.get("role");

    public String getName() { return _name; }
    public void setName(String name_) { _name = name_; }
    public String getGender() { return _gender; }
    public void setGender(String gender_) { _gender = gender_; }
    public String getRole() { return _role; }
    public void setRole(String role_) { _role = role_; }

Changes from 0.7.1

  • [bugfix] fix kwalify command not to raise error when YAML document
    is empty (thanks to Nuttall).
  • [bugfix] fix Kwalify::Util.untabify() not to remove tailing empty

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