Kubuntu, Apache 2.2, Mongrel, Mongrel Cluster

I’ve spent today setting up my new config using Apache 2.2, Mongrel,
Cluster. Haven’t delved into Capistrano just yet.

Attached is the list of steps I took from building apache 2.2 (no
available for kubuntu), building Ruby and RubyGems to configuring Apache
etc… etc… ending up with a working rails application.

This is definitely not my forte, but it’s working and I had to jump
to a few different sites before everything worked so I thought I’d save
someone else the steps. If you see some stuff I did wrong, please point
them out to help others and me :). I’m no guru at server

Thanks to everyone for their work and various documentation. The
sites are the main ones I used for getting this done, but there were a
others (I didn’t keep track of) that had some nuggets of good info.


Hope someone finds this useful.

Note: There additional packages/gems you may not need. I needed them
for my
app so they are in this notes file.

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