Kramdown 0.11.0 released

About kramdown

kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a free
GPL-licensed Ruby library for parsing a
superset of Markdown. It is completely written in Ruby, supports
standard Markdown (with some minor modifications) and various
extensions that have been made popular by the [PHP Markdown Extra]
package and [Maruku].

Homepage for installation instructions and documentation:

kramdown 0.11.0 released

The biggest change in this release is the implementation of the “lazy
syntax” which allows one to not use the correct indent or block marker
and still continue a paragraph, blockquote, … The original Markdown
syntax allows this and it was requested that kramdown allows this, too.
However, the main reason for adding this syntax to kramdown is not to
encourage authors to be lazy but to allow kramdown texts to be
hard-wrapped by other applications (think, for example, email
programs). Therefore you shouldn’t make active use of this feature when
creating a kramdown document!

Another important, though minor, change is that invalid HTML tags and
extensions are not removed anymore. This is done because of the general
rule that unrecognized elements are treated as simple text.

Note: The “internal” API (which is currently everything except the
Kramdown::Document class) has changed and developers may therefore
need to update their extensions!


  • 3 major changes:

    • Line wrapping a.k.a. “lazy syntax” is now supported (requested by
      Shawn Van Ittersum)
    • Link URLs in inline links and link definitions may now also contain
      spaces, even if not enclosed in angle brackets (requested by Matt
    • The kramdown converter produces nicer output, using the new option
  • 9 minor changes:

    • The HTML converter does not escape the quotation mark in code
      blocks anymore (requested by Matt N.)
    • The order of HTML attributes and attributes defined via IALs and
      ALDs is now preserved (requested by Matt N.)
    • Syntax highlighting is now supported in code spans when using the
      HTML converter (requested by Josh C.)
    • Updated nomarkdown extension and converters to support
      restricting the output to certain or all converters
    • Colons are now allowed in ID names for ALDs and IALs
    • Tables and math blocks now have to start and end on block boundaries
    • The table syntax was relaxed to allow table lines that don’t start
      with a pipe character (to be more compatible with PHP Markdown
      Extra tables)
    • HTML elements <b> and <i> are now converted to <strong> and
      <em> when using HTML-to-native conversion
    • The document.html template now uses the text of the first
      not-nested header as title text
  • 9 bug fixes:

    • The LaTeX converter now removes trailing whitespace in footnotes
      (reported by Michael Franzl)
    • Fixed bug RF#28429: HTML output of iframe HTML element was
      invalid (reported by Matthew Riley)
    • Fixed bug RF#28420: LaTeX converter shouldn’t escape the content of
      the nomarkdown extension (reported by Bj Wilson)
    • Fixed bug RF#28469: HTML “document” template did not work (reported
      by Vofa Ethe)
    • Fixed bug: HTML/kramdown output of textarea HTML element was
      invalid (reported by John M.)
    • Invalid or unknown extension tags are now left alone and not
      removed anymore
    • Invalid HTML tags are now left alone and not removed anymore
    • Fixed a minor problem in list parsing which arised due to compact
      nested list detection
    • Link/Abbreviation/Footnote definitions as well as extensions, ALDs
      and block IALs now work correctly as block separators
  • 1 deprecation note:

    • The option numeric_entities has been removed