Kramdown 0.10.0 released

About kramdown

kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a free
GPL-licensed Ruby library for parsing a
superset of Markdown. It is completely written in Ruby, supports
standard Markdown (with some minor modifications) and various
extensions that have been made popular by the [PHP Markdown Extra]
package and [Maruku].

Homepage for installation instructions and documentation:

kramdown 0.10.0 released

This release contains many small changes and improvements as well as
many bug fixes, thanks to all the people on the kramdown mailing list!


  • Minor changes:

    • The LaTeX converter now also outputs the element attributes on the
      end tag (requested by Michael Franzl)
    • New option entity_output for specifying how entities should be
    • The underscore in the option names is now replaced with a hyphen
      for nicer CLI option names
    • Paragraphs that contain only an image are converted to figures in
      the LaTeX converter (requested by Michael Franzl)
    • Added information to the LaTeX converter documentation on how to
      change the header types and quotation marks
  • Bug fixes:

    • LaTeX converter now outputs line breaks correctly (reported by
      Michael Franzl)
    • Always outputting the entities zcaron and Zcaron numerically
      since browser support seems to be non-existing (reported by Eric
    • Fixed warnings and problems when running under Ruby 1.9.2-rc1
    • Fixed problem with smart quote directly after smart quote output in
      LaTeX converter (reported by Michael Franzl)
    • Fixed problem in the HTML parser that prevented <body markdown="1"> from being processed correctly (reported by Eric
    • Blockquotes with multiple child elements are now output with the
      quotation environment instead of the quote environment by the
      LaTeX converter (reported by Michael Franzl)
    • Fixed problem with parsing autolinks when using an encoding
      different from UTF-8 (reported by Eric Sunshine)
    • Fixed problem with parsing HTML <a> tag without href attribute
      (reported by Eric Sunshine)
  • Deprecation notes:

    • The option numeric_entities is replaced by the new option
      entity_output and will be removed in the next version
    • The method Kramdown::Converter::Html#options_for_element has been