Konqueror Ajax update

I had been comparing IE and Firefox Ajax performance, and since I have a
couple of Unix boxes in my workshop, I threw Konqueror into the mix, and
reported here earlier today (or yesterday) that Konqueror ( 3.4.3) could
handle Ajax perfectly, at least as far as the simplest AWDWR Ajax
(./example/index) was concerned.
It occurred to me to do a more grueling test.
I took the “periodically_call_remote” example (./example/periodic), and
specified CGI::escapeHTML(ps -ef | grep ruby) in the “ps” action. With
-ef”, I enjoyed an Ajax “top” in a browser!. I used the default refresh
of 2
Since I have a Slackware box, and there is currently a client’s KUbuntu
in the workshop, I fired up two separate “localhost” WEBrick’s, and ran
Firefox and Konqueror on both Linux boxes (with the XP Laptop having IE
trundling along, taking 30 seconds extra on each cycle but going
Then, after just eight minutes, both Konqueror processes on the two
(one Slackware, the other Debian/Kubuntu), crashed, almost
I reported the crash to Konqueror (enclosing the KDE Krash handler
Backtrace), and will report here if they send a patch.
Mozilla and the slowpoke IE (6.0 on XP) show no observable limit, still
going strong after several hours.

Victor K.

PS For all you Craiglist entrepeneurs seeking out the “quick learning”
workers", I want you to know I’ve had over ten years experience in Ruby

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