KirbyBase: DateTime and Memo


I love KirbyBase. I think it’s great that there’s a file-based
database engine written in Ruby. I like being able to edit the
database files directly and the fact that there’s a Memo datatype.
But, I did run into two problems while working with KirbyBase

  1. a DateTime column originally set to kb_nil upon creation can’t
    remain so when updated

  2. a Memo column cannot be created when the memo_blob_path contains a
    directory that doesn’t exist

These are bug ID’s 20290 and 20291, respectively, on Rubyforge.
There’s a fairly good description of what the problem exactly is, as
well as test cases attached to the bug reports. I’ve given myself a
month to try to fix the problems myself, but I just haven’t had the
time. Is there anyone with the time and inclination to have a look at
these problems? Jamey?

As payment, I can offer you a beer the next time you’re in Zurich,

  • Dimitri

I hadn’t heard of Kirbybase before your post - but I agree with you so
far looking at it

There does not seem to have been any interest in it for 2 years - anyone
know what happened?

I would love to be of help with the bugs but am not an expert so may
take me some considerable time!

I love kirbybase and use it for small projects at work. There is a
adapter for it as well, called ackbar. The last release of ackbar
for rails 1.0 and I updated it to 1.2 (in svn), but no rails > 2 is
supported. If you have specific questions on kirbybase or ackbar, shoot
an email and I’ll do my best to answer them.