Kgio 2.8.1 - kinder, gentler I/O for Ruby + Unix

kgio 2.8.1 - minor improvements and test fixes

kgio provides non-blocking I/O methods for Ruby without raising
exceptions on EAGAIN and EINPROGRESS. It is intended for use with the
Unicorn and Rainbows! Rack servers, but may be used by other
applications (that run on Unix-like platforms).


Improved error reporting for kgio_accept/kgio_tryaccept.
Minor size reduction throughout. There are also several
test case fixes for race conditions.

Thanks to Hleb V. and the Debian project for all the
help with this release!

Eric W. (7):
check syscall returns against < 0 instead of == -1
accept: more informative exception on unknown family
test_tryopen: skip EACCES test when euid == 0
test/lib_read_write: account for larger-than-normal pipes
test_poll: avoid potentially thread-unsafe test
test_poll: preserve original trap(:USR1) handler
test_poll: be less dependent on signal handler ordering

Hleb V. (4):
Change prefix of temporary sockets to prevent races
Don’t dump 20M in case of failure
Create own directory for every unix socket in unit tests
Close tempfile and unlink it immediately.

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