Keyword arg support

aka named arguments which are available in Ruby 2.0

my question is will that only be available when Jruby supports lang
level 2.0 ? If so, then what’s the ETA for that ?


Charles M.
[email protected]

It is partially working in JRuby 1.7.5, but there are a lot of cases
need work. Give it a try and let us know if you have issues (–2.0

  • Charlie (mobile)

ok thanks will do, can I rvm 1.7.5 ? Rubymine does not show 2.0 as a
lang level for the 1.7.4 sdk which I obtained via rvm

Charles M.
[email protected]

interesting here is what rvm lists as know Jrubies:



but i retrieved 1.7.4 via rvm , will I get 1.7.5 via dvm jruby-head ?


Charles M.
[email protected]

Oops, sorry…I mistyped. It is partially working in JRuby 1.7.4.
1.7.5 is current master.

So, try out 1.7.4 and report issues.

  • Charlie


I tried 1.7.4 and jruby-head i.e. both via RVM installs and within
Rubymine, both fail to recognize the keyword arg syntax, and in both
cases Rubymine does not provide a lang level option of 2.0 , not sure
where it looks to pick up the options

Charles M.
[email protected]


The language levels in RubyMine are hard-coded. You should file an
issue to get them to add the “2.0” level.

Until RubyMine adds the “2.0” language level, you can add “–2.0” in
“Edit configurations” => => Configuration => Ruby arguments

That will run your app in Ruby 2.0 mode.

On 2013-06-10, at 18:14, Charles M. [email protected] wrote:

On Jun 8, 2013, at 12:11 PM, Charles Oliver N. [email protected] wrote:

2.0 ? If so, then what’s the ETA for that ?
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Uwe K.
[email protected]

thank you so much, works fine. Rubymine will also keep complaining about
the syntax and i don’t seem to be able to turn that off an an inspection

Charles M.
[email protected]

I’m guessing they don’t have 2.0 syntax support yet at all so
it will be coming soon.

Glad to hear kwargs are at least functional for you! Let us know of you
into any issues.

  • Charlie (mobile)

they appear to have support for 2.0 but in MRI

and I will let you know since will now code with keyword args as default

Charles M.
[email protected]

I didn’t think they used a different parser for MRI versus JRuby, but
perhaps they actually disable 2.0 support on JRuby because it did not
support 2.0 stuff until recently.

  • Charlie (mobile)