Hi all
I know this is not a Ruby thing, but I try anyhow.
When I’m using irb on my Linux system the cursor keypad works great, ie
the leftarrow backspace and uparrow gives me the previous line.
Using my iMac the keypad only results in an escape sequence (^[[A for
uparrow, ^[[C for leftarrow etc). I have not been able to find any
key-mapping in irb, or in the terminal setup.
All help appreciated

Thank you very much.
Went to article, did what it said ->everything works great.
Best regards

That functionality is provided by the readline library, which I don’t
think is setup with Ruby by default on Mac OS X (or maybe it is but
you just need to enable that option on irb.) But either way the Ruby
provided with Mac OS X is broken in various ways. Here is information
on how to properly set up Ruby on a Mac: