I wonder if nginx supports kerberos in the same sense as apache does!
I mean: with apache i may specify if i will want SSO or password (by
retrieving the password from the kerberos database).

The configuration options are:

    KrbMethodNegotiate off/on
    KrbMethodK5Passwd off/on

These above are the directives for SSO or password (fetched from kdc

Does nginx support the same way too ?

Thanks in advance.

This is a long time coming - I wanted to reply, I funded a project to
to get GSSAPI/SPNEGO support into nginx.

The developer didn’t know Kerberos nor nginx - but tried his best to get
to work.

I could never get it to work, but my company’s AD/Kerberos setup is
confusing even for an Apache setup (especially since I do not have admin
access to the domain and such)

Anyway, that code is up here, no idea if it works with newer versions of

and a bunch of forks, but nobody is very vocal about this functionality
with nginx sadly.

One of the more active forks is here:

I’d love to see this get further developed/tested/etc. - if anyone has
this successfully, what their configs look like, OS, keytabs, whatever
else… because I’d like to use it :slight_smile:

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