Kerberos, SPNEGO authentication on Ruby http client


Sorry if this has been posted before I couldn’t find an adequate result.

I am trying to scrap pages that have kerberos and SPNEGO authentication
using a ruby http client. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find any that
actually support it.

Right now I am using curl with cached krb5 creds (libcurl linx) and then
pass that on Nokogiri to feed with open-uri but I would prefer something
within Ruby.

I have taken a look in tools like curb, Typhoeus, HTTPClient and
obviously build-in open-uri but my understanding is none of them support

Does anyone have any idea if there is such an HTTP client and if yes how
to use it to support that authentication? An example would be great


This is the first result that comes up on google:

The :curb adapter provides support for HTTP Negotiate/SPNEGO (aka
Kerberos) authentication.


Haven’t tried it, but perhaps this is what you’re looking for?


I actually missed that one! It does look interesting and might do what I
want I 'll have to check the code thank you!!

It really is somewhat pity that there are so many libraries in Ruby on
HTTP with limited functionality compared to libcurl instead of a
build-in fully functional library!