Keeping separate lists of parent objects

OK here’s the deal. I have a Verification object that I want to use
to allow users to verify data (Posts, Pics, Addresses, etc). Each
Post, Address, etc object will be related 1:1 to a Verification

But I want to have the Verification keep 3 separate lists of users. I
have generated the following migration code, but i don’t think it’s
going to work properly:
def self.up
create_table :verifications do |t|
t.references :voted_real
t.references :voted_fake
t.references :flagged


See I want voted_real to be a list of users who have voted “Real”,
similarly :voted_fake should be a list of users who have voted “Fake”
and flagged to be a list of users who have “flagged” content (as
offensive, inappropriate, etc).

So you see, the standard options for ActiveRecord Associations will
not suffice (as far as I can tell).

Can someone help me out here? I maybe just need a different design or
maybe I can use polymorphic associations, but I’m not sure yet. I
think I can use polymorphic associations to associate the
Verifications to the other objects, but not to accomplish what I want
to do with the Verification to User relationship(s).

I appreciate your help!!


I think I’ve figured it out. Sorry for posting what amounts to an
architectural question here, I’m guessing that’s not really what this
board is for.

For anyone curious about what I decided to do:

I haven’t totally decided yet. I might trash the idea of a
“Verification” class, and instead opt for a Vote class:

Then it would be a polymorphic association like this:
class Vote < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :voteable, :polymorphic => true

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :votes, :as => :voteable

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :votes, :as => :voteable

Otherwise if I stick with my verification class, I think I’ll need to
do some sort of HMABT relationship, and I honestly don’t see the
point. So yeah. I’ll probably just do the Vote thing.