KDE desktop script launching

okay I’ve got 2 fxruby programs and they run from the command line okay
but now I want to have it executed from the KDE desktop.

things I’d tried

  1. copy konsole (terminal) to the desktop and change settings so that a
    script would run.

  2. repeat for 2nd program.

PROBLEM they both share 1 .desktop config settings file.

solved this by copying and renaming the .desktop file
now I have myscript1.desktop file and myscript2.desktop file each
pointing to their own directories but they wont work!! From the file
manager I can right mouse click them and see from the pop-up sub menu
Open-with the 2 config files and they work there but this is a poor


these programs would not execute/launch from the desktop icons!!


Found that my moving the .desktop files from

I get the action I want namely user clicks on the icon for ruby script
it gets executed just like a 1st class kde program.

It is by chance that it has a GUI frontend and i get the benefit of
having NO CLI console visible too so this is equivalent to the .rbw
files in windows.

Hope this helps someone down the track.