Just getting started. Trying to figure out a bug in installation

Hi. I am trying to figure out how to install and run Ruby on Rails from
the ruby-lang site.

I installed the 1.9.3 version.

It tells me to install it to C:\oss\ruby

I am supposed to unzip Koans and go to advanced settings and go to
variables. I am supposed to insert a new setting, but it does not tell
me what value to insert when the new window pops up. But you will notice
there are specific values for the other settings already. I presume
there should be a similarly set up value for this one, or do I just make
one up?

I can’t tell if that is affecting the set up or not because the only
major problem I run into is this:

I can get the ruby-v file to run, I guess, in the command prompt. I go
to run ruby koans or any other file, executable or not, and the system
says it can not find it. Anyone familiar with how to make a clean
installation with this particular package?

Thanks for any tips.

Btw, I am running windows 7 vista on a dell 1501 in case you need
specifications on the system.

Ruby, koans, and Rails are separate packages each to be installed
separately. I’m guessing you already installed Ruby 1.9.3 and have
downloaded koans.

When I downloaded koans, I did not encounter any advanced settings
requirement. I just unzipped the files. They work with Rake or Ruby.

The “file not found” problem could result from one of several different
circumstances. If you are at a command prompt in the directory where the
koans files are located and you type, for example, “ruby
about_asserts.rb” without the quotes, and press enter, if you get a file
not found error, you need to add the ruby directory to your path
statement. If you are trying to run koans files from a directory other
than the koans directory, you can either change to the koans directory
or add the koans directory to your path statement.

I’m assuming that you already checked the koans directory to make sure
the unzipped files are there.

I hope this helps. If not, please provide more specific, detailed
information about what you have installed, which files can’t be found,
the directory locations, and how you are trying to run them.