Junior ruby i am girl say me please

Hello, guys!!!
I am student of Computer Science and I study at 4 floor and also in
Tuesday - my first working day.
I am junior ruby programmer and my hireman sayd me that I would write
programs for c_a_s_i_n_o. On ruby. Do you know some about my future
Or what you write on Ruby??? Not rails!
Sorry for stupid question, but I worry

Hello, could you rephrase your question please?

Did your hire man say you’d be writing programs for c_a_s_i_n_o?

Or is there more to it?

I also used the word ‘c_a_s_i_n_o’ but for it being seen as spam for
some reason.

This is a big company in g_a_m_bling industry. And they have some
ruby-programmers in it. I am new. They say that I would analyze data
about gamers and other I don’t know now, but maybe anything work in it?