Junior and his project

I’m rails junior. My general programming experiences is not great. I
find rails junior job for a long time. Many internet posts advised to do
own cool projects and put it up on GitHub. But I don’t have any ideas
my projects. :frowning:
Maybe I’m not a programmer ?

Or maybe you’re thinking too hard about what the project should be.

Make anything (a blog, a to-do list…) It doesn’t matter that it’s
been done before. Or just fork someone else’s project and use that as
a starting point.
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I know, sometimes its hard to come up with a good project.

Given your goal is to gather experience, learn more, and have cool
on your github page;
It might be worth make your own Twitter, Facebook, Blog-app, Forums app,
And at some point you will come up with a good idea. Anyway, by doing
of these you will pick up new skills and learn a lot and you’ll have
multiple cool projects in your github.
And don’t feel like you have to finish one project before starting next
one. I find it more interesting to work on multiple things and switching
between these based on how I feel.

Also you likely end up using different gems for various things like
authentication, access control, pagination, etc.
I highly recommend also implementing some of these yourself. Maybe not
a real project, but to make a demo app just showing you hand made role
based auth or whatever functionality you have made.