Juggernaut plugin - push data to client without use of publish method?

Hey all,

Juggernaut is a plugin that provides realtime connection between your
servers and client browsers. You can literally push data to clients
using your web application.

The instructions say to instantiate the Juggernaut object and
subscribe to the channel:

jug = new Juggernaut({ “host”: “dev.abcdef.com”, “port”: 1740 });

jug.subscribe(get_info(report_id), function(data) {

function get_info(report_id){
return ‘/reports/’ + report_id + ‘/new’;

Now the instructions say in order to send the data to the client, use
Juggernaut.publish on the ruby end.

However, I currently look at application and the publish method is not
being used anywhere on the rails side. Yet it apparently is sending
data to the client. Is there another way to send data to the client
that I am overlooking?

thanks for response

Not sure which application you’re talking about, but if it’s the Holla
sample application you must look at the JuggernautObserver class:

I’ve been working on a project using Juggernaut for some time and
although it’s not yet in production, Juggernaut have been really
great. I highly recommend it!