Juby 1.6 and jre 1.7

hi first of all , I’m new to the jruby universe so please bear with me.
I’m following examples in the Jruby book by the Pragmatic bookshelf . In
particular I want to establish that its a viable process to create jars
but also exe’s from Jruby.

I have tried both using rawr and also the more manual approach of
creating jars again as specified by the book and I keep getting an error
code 127 which I’m assuming is being generated by javac.

Before I bother folks with stack traces I thought I ask if there is a
know issue in creating jar files given the combination of Jruby 1.6 i.e.
the latest stable release on the web site and Java 1.7.

BTW, I’m having issues on my MAC as well but the configuration there is
different i.e. I have jvm 1.6, I’m going to try to rvm jruby latest and
greatest bleeding edge release to see if that makes a diff.

In anycase, I figure I would ask before I go spin my wheels for too

thanks in advance


does it work without jarr’ing