[jrubyconf.eu] [last call] Only 2 days reamining on the CFP! Beginner friendly! Mentorship!

Hi everyone,

it’s me again raving on about JRubyConf.EU - our CFP closes in a bit
more than 2 days, and YOU should totally submit especially if you are a
first time speaker. We have a mentorship program to help you get started
with your first conference talk! And of course, Berlin is nice in the


We are looking for everything related to JRuby, let it be how you use
JRuby in the Java enterprise world, converting applications to JRuby,
JRuby webservers, JVM tuning, bundling everything as a jar pretending
it’s java, JRuby super powers… whatever it is, looking forward to your
submissions! :slight_smile: