JRubyConf EU call for papers closes Sunday!

Hello friends!

We’d like to invite you to submit to the JRubyConf.eu CFP (handled
through http://cfp.eurucamp.org). JRubyConf.EU is happening on August
1st at HPI Potsdam, next to Berlin. It is happening together with
eurucamp (http://eurucamp.org). CFP ends on Sunday, May 28th.

As a speciality, we have an unconditional Mentorship program for
speakers: http://cfp.eurucamp.org/mentorship . If you are a first time
speaker, we want you to submit to us.

Have a look at our guide for assistance and perks:

Also, note that we are an accessible conference:

Hope to see you there for a great JRubyConf EU 2014!

  • Charlie

Hi everyone,

I just saw some confusion on IRC. So there also is a JRubyConf website:
The cfp link takes you to eurucamp as JRubyConf is part of eurucamp
(eurucamp will run 2-3 August) therefore they share the CFP app. In the
CFP app, after signing in you can submit to the JRubyConf.

Also the dates seem to be messed up a bit, at least the app states:
“Open until 27 May 2014, 12 am CEST” - which is Tuesday.

Berlin is a great city, the venue is nice - and I hope to see you
there. JRubyConf last year was awesome!