JRubyConf 2012

I just realized we hadn’t posted much about JRubyConf 2012 here!

JRubyConf 2012 will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the
beautiful Guthrie Theater.

Tickets are available now, and the call for papers just opened. We’ll
be getting a list of talks up later on.

Are you going?

  • Charlie

Hi Charles,

I live in India. I am interested in sharing my JRubyOnRails experience
and case study of an enterprise microblogging platform in JRubyConf2012
to be held in US (I have submitted the same for RubyConfIndia2012 and
awaiting results). Just wanted to check if in case my talk gets selected
for JRubyConf2012, can I do the presentation from India over video
conference instead of in-person delivery?


P.S. By the way, thanks once again to you, Nick, Ola, Thomas & rest of
your team for giving JRuby to this world! It makes life much simpler…
& scalable :slight_smile:


Please go ahead and submit anyway. Having a video presentation would be
trickier, but if it’s ok with you I’d prefer to at least know you’re