JRuby with Spring, hibernate, acegis

Hi All,

I am newbie to JRuby on Rails.

I am working on a portal. This has few webapplications and mobile
application too.
Currently we are using Spring, Hibernate, Acegies, Struts for the
development of this application.
We are planning to move to JRuby as web interface. We are deploying
the application of JBoss and planning to move to Weblogic in near

Now I am interested to know how can we integrate a JRuby to my
existing Java Application, I want to use the service layer to get me
the service and the related objects for each controller. Also is it a
good idea to mix Java and JRuby for this application. We also want to
use acegeis (authorization-autentication) for this too.

Kindly suggest me how can we move ahead with using JRuby, how to
integrate it with existing application and is it advisable to do so.

Let me know in case you require more details.

Thanks in advance for your support. Expecting a reply.