JRuby with JOGL

I’ve been moving around between C++, Ruby and JavaScript (WebGL) to see
which one I’ll like the most to make a game using OpenGL.

C++ is a big hell, but it has good bindings and libraries for OpenGL,
and once you actually manage to compile something, it’s easily
distributed to people with a simple “click me” executable.

JavaScript looks very nice, but I am unsure if it fits with games well.
It’s also not supported thoroughly yet (will probably be pretty soon

I love Ruby, but it has two main problems:

  1. It has no updated bindings (started making them myself from
  2. It’s hard to distribute. In order to run it, you have to install

I noticed JRuby just these days and tried googling about it, but it
seems to lack information on the web.
Since it’s integrated inside Java, will I be able to distribute simply
“click me” JARs?
Is it easy to use JOGL with it?

Thanks for any answers.

rawr makes it easy to distribute. It will be about as easy to program
in jruby using jogl as it is with java (I think). But a bit slower, of
course :wink: