JRuby will apply for Google Summer of Code 2015

Hello friends!

You may know that JRuby was not accepted as a mentoring organization
last year. We are applying again this year, and we need your help.

  • Add ideas to the JRuby GSoC 2015 wiki page here (more ideas will
    show more potential for GSoC value):
    Google Summer of Code 2015 · jruby/jruby Wiki · GitHub

  • If you are interested in being a mentor, please email [email protected]
    and we’ll help you get involved. We’re looking for mentors interested
    in any of the current ideas or in new ideas you’d like to guide a
    student on.

  • If you are a student, or you know students that would be interested,
    or you have a connection inside a computer science program, please
    help us get the word out!

JRuby 9000 has so many new and awesome features (IR, Truffle, native
processes/IO, etc) for students to work on, and so much potential in
2015. Now is a great time – and GSoC is a great way – to get
involved :slight_smile:

  • Charlie

Well the bad news is that JRuby was not accepted to GSoC again this
year. The good news is that we will participate as part of the Ruby

So…if you are a student or you know a student interested in working
on JRuby this summer, now is the time to submit proposals! Here’s the
bootstrapping page:

And please, pass this along to students, teachers, schools…we have a
bunch of great project ideas and lots of interesting work to do on
JRuby this summer!

  • Charlie

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