JRuby version

Hi, everyone.

As you know, we’ve been waiting for someone to convert the C guts to
Java, since I didn’t have the time or skills. Well, I’m happy to
report that Ola B. came through for us!

Since he just copied the Ragel code (like was done for Hpricot), I
spent about 10 hours DRYing it up and reworking the Rakefile so it
compiles/cross-compiles appropriately. I didn’t mind it so much,
since he did the part I couldn’t—writing Java. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no one ever put money in the JRuby pot,
so there’s nothing to offer Ola, but I do offer him my deep gratitude!

I merged the jruby changes into the master branch and pushed it to
GitHub, so give it a try. I think it takes trunk JRuby to compile.
Of course, we’ll release a precompiled jruby gem, but since it’s
Friday at 5pm, I’ll wait until Monday or Tuesday to release it.