Jruby using 1.8.7 or 1.9.2

This is probably a simple question.

When I am using jruby how do I no which syntax jruby is using 1.8.7 or
1.9.2 can i switch between them (disregarding the irb). Became
concerned when I notice the gems installed with jruby -S gem install
some_gem were installiing to 1.8.

Does jruby use 1.8.7 by default? If yes how can I switch it to 1.9.2?


JRuby uses 1.8.7 mode by default. You can set JRUBY_OPTS env variable to
“–1.9” (or --1.9 followed by any other arguments jruby executable can
take, for example, additional JVM options) to make JRuby use 1.9.2 mode.


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