JRuby Summer of Code Student Proposals Open!

It’s now time for students to start entering proposals! We would like
you to get proposals in as early as possible, so we can work with you
to improve them and iron out details. We have a great batch of mentors
and lots of great ideas for you to work on, so please get your
proposals in right away.

You can apply as a student here:

Our ideas page also has dates and logistic information:

Student proposals will be accepted until next week Friday, May 3, at
12 noon Pacific Time. This is a strict deadline. GSoC will not allow
proposals or edits after this time.

If you are already a mentor, please reach out to your communities to
find interested students. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell
everyone; there’s a lot of good work to do, and students will be paid
for hacking OSS all summer!

If you cannot be a student this year, we also hope you’ll reach out to
classmates and peers that might be interested in participating.
There’s plenty of exciting work to do on JRuby, and we’re really
excited for the summer to begin.

Join us and make this the best JRuby summer of code ever!

  • Charlie