JRuby RailsConf Roundup

I figured I’d put this all in one email for anyone interested in JRuby
stuff happening at RailsConf:

  • JRuby Hackfest at McMenamins - Thursday, May 29, 6:30PM


Please RSVP if you think you might come, and bring your app or bug for
us to help out with. We’ll also be learning from these discussions to
help tailor various JRuby talks the rest of the conf. Thanks to
LinkedIn, Joyent, and Sun Microsystems for sponsoring!

  • The Other mod_rails: Easy Rails Deployment with JRuby - Saturday, May
    31, 11:45AM, D135-136


JRuby is becoming an increasingly popular deployment platform for Ruby
on Rails applications. We’ll discuss how deployment with JRuby can make
your deployment and management pains go away. Topics will range from
installation, gems and library compatibility, packaging, configuration,
and post-deployment tuning and troubleshooting.

  • JRuby on Rails in Practice - Saturday, May 31, 2:50PM - Ballroom 255


This session will first talk about the reasons that ThoughtWorks
believes that JRuby is really important. After that is out of the way,
the presentation will detail some of the things to keep in mind if
you’re considering JRuby for your projects. JRuby can potentially give
you many advantages, but there are also a few pitfalls to be aware of.

  • Open Discussion with JRuby Developers and Users - Sunday, June 1,
    1:50PM, Ballroom 255


After 3 days of RailsConf, you’re probably thinking about the next steps
to take. Some of those steps may involve testing out or deploying your
apps on JRuby. In this session, the four JRuby devs at the conference,
along with any current JRuby users that are available, will be available
for an open Q/A discussion. Bring your apps, bring your bugs, bring your
concerns, and bring your questions about JRuby and the future of Ruby on
the JVM. They can be about Rails, or about any other aspect of JRuby app
development. We’ll try answer them all, and demo whatever we can.

Hope to see ya there!

  • Charlie

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