JRuby hangs when exec'ing powershell in Win 7


The other day I needed to run powershell from my JRuby script and it
was causing JRuby to hang. Both of the following statements cause
JRuby to hang:

%x[powershell -Command "& {copy-item c:\source_dir c:\dest_dir
%x[powershell -Command "& {exit}]

system, exec, and ` all make JRuby hang. Fortunately IO.popen was
working with no problem:

f = IO.popen “powershell -Command “& {copy-item c:\source_dir
c:\dest_dir -recurse}””

Can somebody confirm this bug as I was using JRuby 1.5.1 due to a bug
in 1.5.3 and at the moment I don’t have access to Win 7 64-bit / Java

Behrang S.

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