JRuby Hack Day (San Francisco, CA)

Joyent and Sun are proud to present the first in a series of
Hack Days, where you will get a chance to hear about the latest
technologies and learn how to use them in an interactive unconference
styled event.

The first Hack Day launches on August 8th at the Axis Cafe in San
Francisco, CA where top technologists from Joyent and Sun will
introduce you to the benefits of including Java in your next Ruby

We’ll discuss how deploying JRuby on a open source JVM can scale your
application and utilize the good aspects of Java EE - management,
clustering, failover and monitoring. Additionally, you’ll have the
opportunity to code and deploy a JRuby on Rails application on Joyent’s Accelerators
that harnesses the expansive collection of first-rate Java libraries.

There will even be a little Glassfish goodness in there just to keep
things really exciting.

There is no fee to attend.

Dinner and an open bar will also be provided, so register now to
ensure your seat is locked in. There are only 40 seats available, so
if there is any doubt of you making it, please do not register as you
might be taking a spot away from someone who can come.

For more information:

We are working to bring the Joyent/Sun Hack Days to a city near you,
so stay tuned for future announcements!