[JRuby] Fast Debugger for JRuby


we would like to announce the first ‘official’ public release of the
Fast Debugger for JRuby. It should be kind of stable these days. Still
not everything works perfectly, so we appreciate any kind of feedback.
E.g. through the Tracker on the debug-commons project site[1] or this
mailing list.

The installation is very easy, but still not perfect (due to the
problems we talked on jruby@dev recently).

  1. download latest jruby-debug-base gem from the rubyforge [2]
  2. gem install ruby-debug-base-0.9.3-java.gem
  3. gem install -r ruby-debug # install CLI debugger interface

Now you can debug your Ruby scrips/apps/rails_apps with rdebug as you
are used to in CRuby.
If you are using GEM_HOME + having rdebug on your path, you might:

$ alias jrdebug=“jruby which rdebug

And then just

$ jrdebug tester.rb

Or just ‘jruby -S rdebug tester.rb’ should also work (did not try it).

Some notes:

  • works only with JRuby 1.1 (trunk). So for users staying on the
    cutting-edge only, for now.
  • feel free to ping coders of your Ruby Editors/IDEs for starting to
    support jruby-debug so we get more users :slight_smile:


[1] http://rubyforge.org/projects/debug-commons
[2] http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=3085

PS: not sure if this is right ML, but sending also here for those people
for which the absence of the Fast Debugger in JRuby was the reason to
not use the interpreter itself :wink: