Hi all,
I am new to jruby and immediately stumbled over some problems when
using jruby-complete.jar. In my programme I make use of DRb, which
does not seem to work with jruby-complete. When I call a method on a
remote object, there is the following error:
file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:632:in recv_reply': undefined methodexclusive’ for Thread:Class (NoMethodError)
from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:922:in recv_reply' from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1200:insend_message’
from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1091:in method_missing' from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1175:inopen’
from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1090:in method_missing' from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1108:inwith_friend’
from file:jruby-complete.jar!/drb/drb.rb:1089:in method_missing' from test.rb:36:in<<’

Is there a documentation about what is different when using jruby-
complete compared to the full installed version? Eventually I wish to
put all my ruby/java stuff in a single jar, so I thought jruby-
complete would be a good starting point.

Many TIA,

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