JRuby and Rails 2.3 String/Regex issue

Trying to port my Rails 2.3.14 app over to JRuby 1.6.7 from MRI
Passenger but
I currently get an error when trying to hit the rails app at any URL:

NoMethodError (undefined method sub!' for nil:NilClass): org/jruby/RubyBasicObject.java:1656:in method_missing’

I did some digging and found that error is coming from request.rb inside
ActionPack (line 369). Here is the method:

def path
path = request_uri.to_s[/\A[^?]*/]
path.sub!(/\A#{ActionController::Base.relative_url_root}/, ‘’)

request_uri returns the path so in this example “/”. Everything works
as it
should unless I run this in rails console using JRuby, then path is

JRUBY-HEAD or JRUBY 1.6.7 irb

=> “/” <------- YAY THIS WORKS LIKE MRI!

JRUBY-HEAD or JRUBY 1.6.7 ruby script/console

=> nil <------ WHY IS THIS NIL?

Anyone have any idea why only using jruby with my rails project does
regex code not work? any help or comments on this would be appreciated.

Bill Gloff

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Figured out that it was an old Rails plugin called ‘gibberish’ that was
causing my pain (case anyone cares).


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