JRuby and Eclipse

Hey guys, I recently tried to use JRuby with eclipse (with Dynamic
Language Toolkit) but I am a bit confused how to use JRuby with Java.
How do I organize my projects? Apparently I can’t have JRuby script
files in Java Projects and vice versa. Do I need to store them in
separate projects and how can I efficiently work with both languages? I
am trying to learn how to use JRuby with Java and call methods from Java
in Ruby.

I know these are easy questions for users who work with JRuby regularly
but I am still quite new to java and completely new to Ruby, so I am
very grateful for general tips, links and advice.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:


Would you mind sharing the motivations behind invoking Ruby from Java as
opposed to the other way around?

With respect to project structure I feel like multi-module projects make
sense to me, but I don’t use Eclipse so I don’t know if that is
possible: e.g.
project -
-+ module1-jruby
-+ module2-java
project-files (makefile,build.xml,pom.xml)


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Actually I wanted to make an UI in java and use ruby scripts from the UI
and therefore invoking ruby from java. I am not particularly shure what
I will do with that later, for now I am trying to learn to script and to
use the scripts in java. I thought about doing smaller statistical
calculations or mathematical modelling, usin fisher equations and
similar methods.

In eclipse, do I need to import the ruby folder as a library?
Apparently I can’t add have a ruby module and java in the same project
and I don’t know what I should do with this.