JRuby 1.7.16 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.7.16

Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
Download: http://www.jruby.org/download

JRuby 1.7.16 is our sixteenth update release since JRuby 1.7.0. The
goal of 1.7 point releases is to fill out any missing compatibility
with Ruby 1.9.3. The community participation lately has been great. Keep
reporting issues and sending pull requests.

Changes of note:

- 20 issues fixed for 1.7.16
- Fixed regression which improperly wrote wrong version for OSGi 

- Fixed several regressions involving symbolic links and Ruby
- Doubled performance of FileTest.directory?

Github Issues resolved for 1.7.16

#1997 - Tempfile behavior change in 1.7.15
#1995 - Regexp regression in 1.7.15 from 1.7.13
#1994 - Snapshot builds of jruby-1_7 jruby-jars.gem have the wrong 

#1991 - Allow launch.inproc=true to expand glob patterns
#1989 - Files in axiom-types and descendants_tracker gems use 400
440 modes
#1986 - String#slice on multibyte chars raise Exception
#1983 - java -jar jruby-complete.jar -S irb doesn’t work anymore
#1977 - jrubycomplete - OSGi DynamicImport-Package breaks Adobe AEM
#1975 - nil TypError on bundle install, regression 1.7.14+
#1973 - Bundle package broken after 1.7.14
#1971 - jruby-core 1.7.14 isn’t a valid OSGI bundle anymore
#1965 - Gemfiles that use :path broken between 1.7.13 and 1.7.15
#1963 - Array#product does not coerce incoming arguments properly
#1953 - openssl ignores OpenSSL::X509::DEFAULT_CERT_FILE
#1950 - All RubyFileTest methods have a race condition
#1945 - File.exists?(“broken_symlink”) returns true
#1942 - Bundle not working with two gemspecs - bug introduced in
#1715 - IOError with OpenSSL #connect_nonblock: Writing not possible
during handshake
#1700 - NPE in Ripper with $ special variables
#541 - JRuby 1.7.2 with authlogic 3.x fails to boot (OpenSSL)

How about looking into the jar for finding that this file on Windows?
it a bug on Windows?

I run the following command on Windows with this version (rename
to jruby-complete.jar):
java -cp jruby-complete.jar;compass.jar org.jruby.Main -S compass
my-new-project -r bootstrap-sass --using bootstrap
then got the error:

error my-new-project/sass/styles.scss (Line 1: File to import not
or unreadable: bootstrap-compass.
Load paths:


Compilation failed in 1 files.

The same command runs well on Ubuntu 12.04.

Can you report this as an issue on our github project? This should work



thanks again for this release. I can see the jruby-complete irb issue
been fixed.

Yet, I’ve highlighted in a related thread that jruby-complete jar was
containing a /Users/enebo folder, almost doubling the size of
jruby-complete versus jruby-jars.

The problem is still here in the release 1.7.16: we have mismatches in
build sizes.

  • 36 679 549 jruby-complete-1.7.16.jar
    (/Users/enebo/work/release/maven/jruby-complete/target including source
  • 20 012 032 jruby-jars-1.7.16.gem (no issue detected)
  • 36 599 651 jruby-bin-1.7.16.zip (this one is odd: many gems have been
    included versus the vanilla jar: any reason for this?)


Done. it is #2005

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 12:21 AM, Thomas E Enebo [email protected]

ad 1) jruby-complete-1.7.16.jar includes /Users directory · Issue #2004 · jruby/jruby · GitHub
ad 2) is no issue :wink:
ad 3) Bundle package broken after 1.7.14 · Issue #1973 · jruby/jruby · GitHub for the cached files.
are not part of jruby-complete since to start the ruby-maven from jars
packed inside a jar is just a source of pain, especially since loading
currently re-factored. including them in the first place is to ease the
download which is needed the first time gems with jar-dependencies get
installed. jruby-complete will first install those gems in this case.
running (ruby-)maven for the first time makes it download a huge amount
plugins and their dependencies.

regards, christian

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 7:04 AM, Christian MICHON <

ah good. These are tracked now, perfect.

Thanks for the issues URLs.