JRuby 1.6.8 Released

JRuby 1.6.8 Released
Tuesday, September 18 2012

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.8.

Homepage: http://www.jruby.org/
Download: http://www.jruby.org/download/2012/09/18/jruby-1-6-8

The primary goal of the 1.6.x series is to round out our 1.9 support
by fixing any reported incompatibilities. Of course, as with any JRuby
release, we will continue fixing any found incompatibilities and also
improve performance. All users of (and lower) are encouraged
to upgrade to 1.6.8.

This release is a somewhat special release in that JRuby community
members were primarily responsible for performing the backporting of
fixes. These fixes represented what current users of JRuby 1.6.x
wanted in a JRuby 1.6.8. Special thanks to merge-master David K.
for putting so much effort into make JRuby 1.6.8 a reality.
Notable Changes:

  • Updated to RubyGems 1.8.24
  • Fixed a resource leak in LoadService
  • No more accidental GC of runtime state in unusual situations
  • Various 1.9 compability fixes

1.6.8 Commits:

d991aba Fix JRUBY-6892: Calling #drop on an Enumerator doesnt work 

f125aeb Up the dose on windows JRE
496bf09 Bump for new version of jffi
996fc86 Bump for upcoming release
18d8bb1 Update to working i386 Windows jffi.
34b46fe Revert non-proc allocator fix because it breaks tb. Work
with them for different soln for 1.7.0
8b966d6 Make maven know about yesterdays jartravaganza
c4f70e2 Fix JRUBY-6452 - CallStaticLongMethod instead of
cc93dab Update this test to match master to remove the
printStacktrace (and presumably make this pass on windows)
45af2c6 Remove spec due to asm4 upgrade (it will be alright)
709f3a5 Fix IntelliJ setup for jruby-1_6 branch.
6dbe84f Update Makefile so cexts can compile again on MacOS
964717c Does this look safe to you?
1d1ec53 Fix #162
d96b69e Partial solution for #162.
1bf66f8 Fix recursiveKey usage across multiple threads (JRUBY-6621)
2f73450 Use thread-local state for all recursive checks.
102f85a Merge pull request #283 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6865
eec9bbe Merge pull request #284 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6860,6863
e443d7e Merge pull request #285 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6872
149b646 Actually fix JRUBY-6872.
2bcf438 Fix JRUBY-6872 and remaining math excludes.
ea52040 Fix JRUBY-6860
ae3ee49 Fix JRUBY-6863
254d8e5 Fix JRUBY-6865
57b4637 Work around some old jffi bugs with struct-by-value params
to fix JRUBY-6876
22c66fd Update to jnr-netdb 1.0.7 (fixes multi-threaded
getservbyname() crashes on linux)
41098eb Merge pull request #254 from dekellum/1-6-backport-gh224
151d0a6 Merge pull request #253 from dekellum/1-6-backport-gh245
f9a2c6b Merge pull request #252 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6820
5ae7300 Merge pull request #273 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6810
ab0fd82 Fix JRUBY-6810
9ded4e9 Fix JRUBY-6845 - syslog(3) should be attached as a variadic
b493eb4 Backport FFI::DataConverter#reference_required? fixes from
c886e01 Fix Issue #262 (ffi/ffi/#221)
5ff7afd JRUBY-6820: Unexpected behavior of IO.popen when giving
arguments as an array containing strings
80fcc90 Implement some unimplemented Process::Status methods and
change the way signals are parsed from friendly name to integer.
1abdc0c Flip the isShared flag only after the arrays values have
been copied over.
ecb5c6b Merge pull request #251 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6815
0d8fa5c Merge pull request #250 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6819
03291b2 Merge pull request #249 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6658
944e4ba Merge pull request #248 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6792
581aee7 Merge pull request #247 from dekellum/1-6-backport-6813
0a15994 JRUBY-6815: IO.read doesnt work with pipes
4478f83 Fix JRUBY-6819
db3fd5e Fixes JRUBY-6658
d25edcc Fix for JRUBY-6792: Keep a hard reference to the current
ThreadContext to avoid it being collected
2969acd Fix for JRUBY-6792: Keep a hard reference to the current
ThreadContext to avoid it being collected
f78b088 Implement Time#round. This fixes JRUBY-6813.
c6a559a Tag some long-failing specs on jruby-1_6 branch.
8115b8c Fix JRUBY-6514
b8d0ca6 Fix JRUBY-6395: Coerce Fixnum to Number
86ef07e Fix JRUBY-6731
7c8dba1 JRUBY-6785 Make the receiver for callMethod more
consistent. Allow nil as a receiver. Allow Java objects as receivers.
These will be wrapped before use.
a90bb11 JRUBY-6785 Allow ScriptingContainer#callMethod to be
called on a Java object. Allow ScriptingContainer#callMethod to be
called using nil as a receiver
684ce37 Fix JRUBY-6775: RubyRandom is not thread-safe
413edcb Fix JRUBY-6753
98724c3 Fix JRUBY-6722
400c73a Fix JRUBY-6724
f9b745f Fix for JRUBY-6725. See jruby/ruby repo for description.
44b8f31 Fix JRUBY-6745
0324c3d Fix for JRUBY-6728. This fixes Nokogiris 1.9 test error
of PrettyPrint as well as
pretty print broken in jruby 1.6.7 in 1.9 mode · Issue #657 · sparklemotion/nokogiri · GitHub.
a62f4af Errant printf removed
ddc48ae Fix JRUBY-6706
df5b336 Fixes JRUBY-6677
566ae5d Remove Enumerable#join. This resolves JRUBY-6703.
c82a360 JRUBY-6708: NullPointerException instead of proper
exceptions output
5f65879 Fix JRUBY-6248
280e435 Fix JRUBY-6517
9a122ed Fix JRUBY-6642.
82a2f2d JRUBY-6464: Use mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=
instead of our Ruby rake code for updating poms
7153b89 Remove -mimpure-text from CFLAGS. Fixes JRUBY-6633.
8623090 Check if all throwables are Java exceptions in interpreted
mode (JRUBY-6641)
0fe664a JRUBY-6611: Fix resource leak in LoadServiceResource
2ce65e1 Regression spec for JRUBY-6634.
b8e182d JRUBY-6626 Ensure thread is set on finalize
defb411 JRUBY-6624 Strip jar: prefix when searching for files in a
2e6d4c8 Add copyright notice for Yecht. This resolves JRUBY-4843.
4b462fd Add spec for JRUBY-6571
cbbbf38 Mitigation for JRUBY-6576
22a52eb Regression test for JRUBY-5863.
fc17ab4 Fix JRUBY-6570: autoload :Time, time doesnt work
c591134 Fix JRUBY-5863: Named captures cause crash when there is no
fd9ca2e Fix JRUBY-6571: StackOverflow when calling
7b370c2 JRUBY-6559: GzipReader#rewind crashes when the input
stream is serially-multiplexed like RubyGems
61f2cf0 Implement Kernel#Hash. Fixes JRUBY-6496.
358883f JRUBY-6560 Fix File.expand_path for jar:file:/ paths
1ef14f1 Fix JRUBY-6538: obj !~ thing is not the same as
obj.send(:!~, thing)
202a45c Fix JRUBY-6489
40e87d7 Add rdoc to gems we install for dist, since hoe appears to
depend on it now.
5837b58 Correctly check the already-loaded file cache
6f398e8 Tweaks to match master fix for JRUBY-6607, JRUBY-6498.
ef59f99 Fix JRUBY-6619: NoMethodError upcase on Java string
734662f Add spec for JRUBY-6661, which is already fixed by the
previous commit.
6bc0674 Fix JRUBY-6661: strftime should behave the same for
datetime and time
13bccdd Fix JRUBY-6633: gcc 4.7 compilation fails
aab80da Allow primitive boxes to pass for primitive toJava targets.
26e08ba Dont forget Evan
dedcfc2 Hmmmmy cherry-pick missed a lot
3d756d1 Bump for
0804bcb Hmmm, perhaps I should have reversed thisfull steam ahead
9a44218 Update Eclipse classpath setting
57cf31a Update to RubyGems 1.8.24.
94f07cf Add missing SSL cert.
7762e4c Update to RubyGems 1.8.23
d078fee Update for security release
904fd37 Update to RubyGems 1.8.21.
985cae8 Spec for JRUBY-6612
b8364a6 Fix JRUBY-6612. Detect special case where Long.MIN_VALUE
== -1*Long.MIN_VALUE in Java, and guard accordingly. It is a bit
hack-ish, but it will do for now. Spec to be added later.
4a8ed93 Update to RubyGems 1.8.21.
465bc21 JRUBY-6580: Fix performance drop with threadsafe autoload
03c14ba Prevents cygpath: cant convert empty path on cygwin
when no other jars besides jruby.jar are present in $JRUBY_HOME/lib
(as is the case with a fresh install).
95cc9cc No plans for 1.6.8.dev, but we definitely hsould not keep
it as 1.6.7
08cf4a4 JRUBY-4502: Wrong gzip data crashes JRuby (collab w/
nahithanks nahi!)
515bc51 Fix JRUBY-6544: CR at the end of String can cause
65e3fb4 Spec for JRUBY-6344
9002961 Allow cexts to build under OpenJDK on OS X, where os.arch ==
045bb05 No email notifications from travis.
a9958df Make rake+ant specs more robust when no JAVA_HOME env is
ff1c6ba Remove formatting, external class from time-to-date JI test.
26ea1a5 Add travis build for 1.6 branch.
9f4ebdb Fix JRUBY-6541
f3b846a Fix JRUBY-6522
c3df4da JRUBY-6518: Array#combination returns unexpected value
when argument number too big
86cb0ba Fix JRUBY-6497

Well done! Congratulations everyone!

Uwe K.